Beyond Senses Prepares to Bring Chilling Horror Experience to PC This Year

Developer Pyxton Studios has announced a PC release date for the horror multiplayer experience Beyond Senses.

According to the German studio, the upcoming survival horror title is slated to launch on December 13 on Steam Early Access.

Along with its release date, the developer has dropped an announcement trailer (posted below) to offer a sneak peek at the eerie atmosphere in the title.

Beyond Senses supports up to five players and has them taking control of a hunter or an evil creature.

And the horror title’s “complex and unexplored” world has secret organizations taking up the task of getting rid of paranormal phenomena.

Pyxton’s title, which also supports a single-player mode, has three modes — Hunt, Egoist and Banishment — to choose from when it arrives on Steam.

Hunt has players attempting to weaken the wandering creature by charging up energy crystals, which will allow them to kill it with their weapons.

Egoist, meanwhile, has players competing against one another as they attempt to secure as many energy crystals as possible. And the wandering creature will hunt the player who has the fewest crystals conquered.

Finally, Banishment has the player trying to capture all of the cursed items and place them correctly in a pentagram.

Should the player successfully pull it off, they must lure the wandering creature to the pentagram in order to banish it back to hell.

Pyxton has confirmed that three maps — Cemetery, Forest and Horror House — will be available at launch.

Four playable characters — John Hughes, Lauren Williams, Elijah Knight and Amy King — can be accessed in the title, while the wandering creature consists of a choice between Dr. Walker and Valac.

Players will be able to rank up their characters in the title’s leveling system and unlock new skins, skills, lamps, weapons, tools and titles.

Beyond Senses will only be available on PC at launch, though Pyxton has not ruled out a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One release.