Audio Trip Announces Release Window with Full-Song Game Trailer

Moving is nice.  It gets the muscles toned, keeps blood pumping, works up a healthy sweat to let you know you’ve put in the effort, and in general makes for a happy body.  Dance is movement matched to rhythm, which makes it even better, and Audio Trip is a VR music game that’s as much about hitting the notes to the beat as it is creating a high-energy experience that feels like dancing when done right.  I wrote about it recently in-depth, so see here for a full breakdown, but one thing that was missing at the time was a release date beyond a nebulous “soon”.  While there’s still no specific release date, Audio Trip got a new trailer today with a promise that the game will land on Early Access sometime this month.  That’s the bit at the tail end, though, with the remaining four minutes taken up by one complete four minute song, with the screen neatly divided between Regular difficulty mode and Expert.

In addition to the new trailer, a press release today touted the health benefits of playing Audio Trip, putting the activity on the same level of aerobics, soccer, or tennis.  Having played a good amount I can personally say this feels about right, although not as a direct comparision seeing as I haven’t ever played professional tennis.  The study by the Virtual Reality Institute of Health & Exercise (it’s a real thing) put Audio Trip at a Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) score of 6.94, comfortably sitting in the “vigorous intensity” level of exercise.  (More info on MET scores at ever-helpful Wikipedia.)  Per the press release that’s 3.47 times more calories burned than sex, and just assume that anything past this sentence was edited away as NSFW.