Johnny Mundo Added to Roster of RetroMania Wrestling

John Hennigan has been a part of pro wrestling for nearly 20 years now and in that time, he has gone by many names. He’s been Johnny Nitro, Johnny Spade, John Morrison, Johnny Mundo, Johnny Impact, and is now being called Johnny Retro in RetroMania Wrestling. His high-flying parkour-influenced moveset will be an interesting one to translate to a game like this, and should stand as a nice contrast to the more subtle matwork of Zack Sabre Jr. or the simpler kick and punch style with a lot of theatrics from Austin Idol. The game’s roster is diverse, and we now know that the game will have a full-fledged story mode as well, with Johnny Retro as the star. RetroMania is set for release on the PC, Switch, and Xbox One early next year and looks like a must-play for any grappling fans with a thirst for arcade-style action.