Take the Action Underground in Latest Battlefield V Map

EA and DICE today dropped the launch trailer for the latest Battlefield V map, Operation Underground.

Battlefield V is about to get it’s sixth post-launch multiplayer map in the next few days. Operation Underground, which takes the battle deep into a subway system, is out October 3. Like all the other post-launch maps, Operation Underground arrives as a free add-on for all Battlefield V players.

If the map feels familiar that’s because it should. Operation Underground is a remake of Operation Metro, a popular map first introduced in Battlefield 3. The map focuses on close-quarters gameplay with tight corridors, long hallways, and brief, open areas. It’s an exhilarating map that keeps players on their toes.

Operation Underground is the final map EA and DICE announced back at E3 2019, and, therefore, marks the end of the current focus on the European front. Later this winter, the focus switches to the Pacific front with the introduction of the US and Japanese factions, Pacific-themed maps, and new weapons used by both factions.

Battlefield V is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.