Detroit: Become Human Sales Pass 3 Million Units on PS4

Quantic Dream today revealed how many units Detroit: Become Human has sold on PS4.

Detroit: Become Human, released May 2018 exclusively on PS4, quickly became Quantic Dream’s fastest-selling game ever. By December 2018, the game had sold over 2 million copies. Since then, the game has found an additional one million fans. Quantic Dream has revealed that Detroit: Become Human has now sold over 3.2 million units worldwide.

While that number pales in comparison to other PlayStation properties, including fellow 2018 releases Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War, it’s still a strong number for a company not owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Both Santa Monica Studios and Insomniac Games are part of Sony’s Worldwide Studios. Those sales numbers will likely increase when Detroit: Become Human launches on PC later this year.

Detroit: Become Human is available now on PS4 and later this year on PC. Going forward, Quantic Dream intends to step away from platform exclusivity. Their two other PlayStation-era games, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, are already available on PC.