Action/RTS Hybrid Sea Salt Rises From the Depths on October 17

Well, after two years of hard work, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and more than a few features here over in Screenshot Saturday, Swedish developers Y/CJ/Y are finally ready to release Sea Salt, their action/real-time strategy hybrid where you control Dagon, an Eldritch god of the sea. Or to be accurate, you play as a swarm of creatures that Dagon commands, leading them in a horde in order to prey upon the humans who, after discovering a new faith, abandoned Dagon and the debts owed to him.

So as the game sees you controlling a swarm of minions, it only makes sense that the latest trailer focuses on some of them, as seen below. Players will have nineteen different creatures of the night to control, each with differing strengths and drawbacks. These include fire-resistant crabs, exploding toads, lichs that can resurrect dead enemies under your command, and more. And knowing how to properly manage them in the heat of battle is the key to success. But for those who may tire of going on the offense with these minions in the game’s story mode, Sea Salt will also include a tower defense mode as well, facing off against attacking villagers on different maps. Sea Salt comes out on October 17 for PC, Switch, and XB1, and looks to hopefully be worth checking out.