Hit the Trails in Lonely Mountains: Downhill Launch Date Trailer

The thing to keep in mind about mountains is that they don’t care.  Not just because they’re giant hunks of stone and completely inanimate, but also because, measuring their lives to date against all of human history, we haven’t even been around for what would be a day to them yet.  So sure, carve out trails on their faces and go nuts, it’s not like it will have mattered in a few million years.  No trace will remain of a killer run down its slopes as you hold on to the handlebars for dear life, skidding through turns or hopping ravines, and hopefully not ending up wrapped around a tree.  Lonely Mountain: Downhill is a lowish-poly biking game that absolutely gets the feel of being on a vast mountain of interconnected trails, and whether the player simply ambles on down while taking in the scenery or searches out the fastest way to the base while pushing to the edge of disaster is their own choice.  Each of the different mountains has hidden shortcuts, long scenic routes, crazy stunt opportunities, and a peaceful feeling of being alone in an unspoiled wilderness.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill has had a good development run but it’s just about time for that to wrap up.  The game now has a release date of October 23 for Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, so take a look at the trailer below to get a sense of the many ways a mountain can outlast us all.