Hexa Trains Pulls Into the Interplanetary Station on Steam

Transportation is key to a global economy.  If the goods can’t get where they need to go then people go hungry, nothing gets built, and everything falls apart.  Moving huge amounts of product around requires trains, because while trucking is nice does anyone really want to get stuck behind a fifty-vehicle convoy?  Also, trains are huge and make the best chugga-chugga-chugga noises, which guarantees their place as one of the most vital of transportation methods.  Hexa Trains is a chilled little transportation game about getting things where they need to go, wiring up the planet with rails to get ore to the smelter, grain to the bakery, goods to the city, and lunar crystals to the university.  Each randomly generated globe is its own planetary logic puzzle, because there’s no guarantee that the smelter is going to be anywhere near the ore.  Your job isn’t to place manufacturing facilities but rather to get things where they need to be, and the people of hex-world are kind of terrible at resource planning.

Which, as it turns out, is actually ok.  If the cluster of mines was near the smelter then laying the rails wouldn’t be much of a challenge.  Hexa Train’s economy is for the world, rather than the train system, so there’s no charge to lay down tracks.  You can plop things down anywhere that looks right at no cost, branching and forking the line as necessary and using it to run multiple trains to multiple destinations, although alien train technology only allows for rails that permit travel in a single direction.  On the plus side, alien train tech somehow enables hooking up rails to a space shuttle and sending the train to the moon, so it’s a fair trade.

Hexa Trains released today on Steam and, while a bit rough with the menus, is still a great way to kick back and play with a railroad set on a planet of your own.  The lack of money means you can focus on creating the perfect transportation system without distraction, zooming out to see it from high orbit or flying all the way in to near-ground level.  Take a look at the trailer below to see Hexa Trains bring the goods across the surfaces of its geometrically pleasing worlds.