Redout: Space Assault Confirmed as ‘Timed Exclusive’ for Apple Arcade

Developer 34BigThings today announced that Redout: Space Assault has arrived on Apple Arcade ahead of its macOS release.

According to the independent Italian studio, the title is a “timed exclusive” for the subscription-based gaming service and will launch on macOS on October 13.

Redout: Space Assault, which was unveiled in 2018, has players taking control of a Super Orbital Recon Fighter several years before the Genesis Rebellion on the Moon.

And 34BigThings says that the story for Space Assault will “serve as a foundation” for future installments.

The title will support both a single-player career mode and online multiplayer, the developer has confirmed.

Players will be able to explore the Redout universe and have the ability to upgrade their spaceships as they battle against their opponents in fast-paced combat.

Apple Arcade, which was announced in March, has a catalog of over 100 titles and launched on September 19 for iPhone, iPad, macOS and Apple TV.

The tech titan announced last month that the gaming service would cost users $4.99 (£4.99) and offers players the ability to play titles without ads or in-app purchases.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, both for 34BigThings in general and for the Redout franchise in particular,” says Valerio Di Donato, the CEO of 34BigThings.

“Collaborating with Apple on this game has been incredible and the studio has acquired all sorts of new technical skills that will allow us to craft even better games in the years to come.”

Giuseppe Enrico Franchi, the lead designer at 34BigThings, added: “Designing a game for so many different devices, with different specifications and input interfaces, has been a true challenge.

“But these constraints forced us to focus on the Redout franchise’s core pillars: blazingly fast arcade action. The resulting game is sleek, furious, yet accessible.”

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