Rising Hell Ascending to Early Access

There’s no way out of Hell but that doesn’t mean its trapped souls won’t keep trying.  The latest contender is a warrior decked out in a nasty ragged loincloth and much fancier claw-arm, tearing and combo-ing his way ever upward towards what can only be assumed to be an exit.

Rising Hell is a 2D pixel-art platform/brawler about beating on demons until they pop like vicious gem-filled pinatas, then using the cash to buy perks in the form of mystic tomes.  It’s a fairly simple arcade game but with a strong punchy feel and satisfying action, and now it’s also got an Early Access release date.  Which fairly obviously isn’t September 2019 as tagged at the end of the video below.  Turns out climbing from Hell takes a little longer than expected, but with the release now being October 17 it’s not too much longer a wait.

Once released Rising Hell plans to take about six to nine months in Early Access, adding at least one more playable character to the two currently available, plus new realms, monsters, secrets, and other goodies to fill in its trek to the top.  It’s pure brawling carnage through the pits of hell, so check out the trailer below to see the arcade action kick off.