Latest Galar Form is a Pokémon Shield Exclusive

A couple of days ago there was a 24 hour livestream showing off Glimwood Tangle in Pokémon Sword and Shield. A Pokémon was teased throughout and in the end we got a good look at Galarian Ponyta. The slow build reveal was interesting and unlike any other in the series but it has now been officially announced with more details.

Galarian Ponyta is a Psychic-type (not Fairy like we previously thought). It is called the Unique Horn Pokémon which is a play on the word unicorn and referencing its dark horn. Their manes glow and sparkle due to an abundance of energy. The Run Away ability allows it to flee any battle while the new Pastel Veil prevents it and allies from being poisoned and can also heal an already poisoned partner as soon as it enters battle.

Ponyta appear to be a very supportive Pokémon but we are very interested in how Galarian Rapidash will appear and play. Unfortunately, Pokémon Shield is the only game to catch Ponyta so you’ll have to do some trading if you own Sword. Catch them all on November 15 when Sword and Shield launch for the Switch!