Powerhoof Showcases Gameplay Demo From Upcoming Project Acid Knife

PAX Australia is currently underway in the land down under, and while arguably not as prominent as its US siblings, it still showcases quite a huge chunk of notable games, especially from local developers. Take, for example, Powerhoof. Having wowed gamers a couple of years ago with their multiplayer dungeon crawler Crawl and their quirky sports game Regular Human Basketball, they’re now showing off three new games, including an adventure game called The Drifter and Kaiju Super Datetech, a kaiju dating sim. Those both sound incredible, but they were also kind enough to showcase a ten-minute video of the gameplay demo from their third game, an action-platformer called Acid Knife, and it looks like something Crawl fans will definitely enjoy. Or anyone else, for that matter.

As Acid Knife is still quite early in development (the main story and premise are even still under wraps as well), the clip is here mainly to showcase the art style and gameplay mechanics likely to be at the core of everything. The goal right now is quite simple, just kill enough enemies in a room to earn three gems needed for the exit. Of course, given that these are rather huge and deadly enemies, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Plus players will have to juggle various items to assist them along the way, ranging from swords to a bow and arrow and even a lute. The combat seems nice and tight, requiring players to figure out the best way to aim for the gem that acts as the weak point, and the wavy, trippy visuals work quire well with the pixel art and the dungeon setting.

The demo ends with even more enemies and items to be implemented later on, which should be fun to play with. It certainly looks like a terrific action game so far, and while it’s still in its early stages, we already can’t wait to see more of Acid Knife as development progresses.