Mediatonic Announces ’90s Hollywood Visual Novel Murder By Numbers

Developers Mediatonic are going to have a busy 2020, it seems. Aside from working on Fall Guys with Devolver Digital, they’ll also be creating a new visual novel, Murder By Numbers, to be published by The Irregular Corporation. Doubling as both a mystery game and a healthy dose of ’90s nostalgia, more on the unique title will be shown of at EGX 2019. For now, though, we have the announcement trailer to show off the colorful characters, locales, and mechanics we’ll be encountering. As usual, you can check it out below.

Set in 1996, the game centers around Honor Mizrahi, an actress on a hit detective TV show. But when her boss ends up dead just moments after firing her, she suddenly finds themselves at the center of a real-life mystery. A mystery that just happens to involve her teaming up with a lost reconnaissance robot named SCOUT. Did we mention that Hato Moa of Hatoful Boyfriend designed the cast, by the way? Because that should explain a bit. Together the two will question suspects, hunt for clues, and play games of Picross to decode evidence, all across a mid-1990s Hollywood setting. Throw in Masakazu Sugimori of Ace Attorney fame providing the music, and Murder By Numbers should hopefully have a winning recipe for a visual novel when it hits PC and Switch in 2020.