Arsenal Demon Blasts Onto Steam with Release Trailer

In the beginning there was Deathmatch, and it was good.  Deathmatch took the level-by-level approach of Doom and turned each one into its own individual free-for-all, and it didn’t take long for maps to be designed with the needs of its gameplay in mind.  These levels were more intricate arenas than the interconnected rooms and corridors of the single-player modes, and for the longest time there was the division of map types between single player and multiplayer.  Even today most arena FPSes are multiplayer, but games like Devil Daggers and Swarmlake play with the ideas of the squeezing the shooting action down to its most focused parts in single-player mode.  Those two games focus on enemy behavior without any level design, though, and that’s where Arsenal Demon comes in.

Arsenal Demon is a single-player arena FPS set in a randomly-generated level of towering spires, a high-speed parkour playground with no exit and swarms of mecha-angels to bring the player down.  While the demon/player has two gun-arms and incredibly mobility the angels have strength in endless numbers, so the object is to survive as long as possible before the inevitable happens.  At each run’s start you choose two weapons, one for each hand, from a list of eight.  While the weapons don’t get too crazy in design they’re all effective in one way or another, especially when their critical abilities are taken into account.  Critical hits are tied to the demon’s parkour abilities, such as the super-fast dash, wall run, double jump, etc.  Chaining these together fills a bar above each weapon fairly quickly, adding secondary effects such as a huge ball of energy to the beam weapon’s impact point.  The arena has a good supply of towers that shoot high into the air, making every cubic inch of the arena’s air space part of the shooting playground.  Whether you choose a quick hop-in game of Classic, the endless level-up quest of Demon, or the high-score quest of the weekly generated seed run, Arsenal Demon is a zippy bout of arcade FPS action.

Arsenal Demon released on Steam on October 11 but it’s trailer just showed up this morning.  Give it a look below, or just hop on over to Steam to snag the demo and find out for yourself.