Screenshot Saturday Spirit Trail, Blubber Busters, Many More

Hello, and welcome to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday! Every weekend, developers and others from all over the world take to social media with the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to show off the various gaming projects that they’ve been working on, be it in simple shots, GIFs, videos, or more! And as we head ever closer to the end of the year, it’s time to see more of future games that could be the potential classics of next year and beyond. And of course, EGX happening next weekend helps a bit as well. So once again, we have another batch of lovely games to check out, and as such, let’s get on with the show…

Felix the Reaper- Well, this is likely the last time we will be featuring Kong Orange’s puzzler about an adorable dancing reaper, because as seen above, it comes out this week. And to celebrate, the devs have made this sweet clip showing just how much effort has gone into the choreography and animation for the title character, complete with real dancers. Great stuff, and given the occasion, I’d like to imagine this is the soundtrack that should be here.

Spirit Trail- Not much is known about this top-down action/adventure game right now, except that it takes place in a dreamlike world, and has what appears to be some impressive artwork and combat so far. And while it helps to see it in motion, sometimes it’s true that a single picture works better. Especially if you’re writing a feature for a website and need a non-blurry picture for a header.

Blubber Busters- Cleaning giant space whales from the inside isn’t exactly an easy task. It involves a lot of intense 2D combat, all of which looks quite impressive and challenging. So for you to come back after a successful job of clearing out alien parasites and the like only to be told that you were merely “not bad” has to be a bit demoralizing. Funny, but demoralizing. Not sure why Superhot was tagged here, though…although they have set up a “Superhot Presents” fund for other indie games, so could this be a hint at future developments?…

Bumper Kart Girl- Someone out there asked the question “What if we combined retro 2D platforming with bumper carts?” And god bless them for doing so. It looks colorful, fast, chaotic, and seems to nail the spirit of classic arcade platformers while putting a unique twist on things. And seeing cute critters get electrocuted and bumped around a high speeds always brings a smile to one’s face.

The Last Spell- We don’t get to see the massive horde of monsters that’s set to approach in this bit from the roguelike tactical RPG about fending off tons of creatures so that mages can try to cast the titular spell to stop them. But the sense of dread is there once darkness hits, thanks to a nice setting and some impressive pixel art. So pray for these warriors, folks.

Steel Circus- Because when you’re crafting the sports of the future, it’s necessary to tinker around until you properly have a classic that be be loved by an audience as big as the ones in the game. They may be small touches, but it still makes the game look even just a bit more impressive. After all, a goalie view alone could come in handy for certain players.

Evil Genius 2- Well, I would have to imagine that multiple gongs could possibly get annoying after a while, albeit only if you have many minions working out at once. But I can also see how they make for a fun and cute addition to the sim, adding to the feeling of being able to boost your henchmen’s proficiency in martial arts. Just make sure they have the ability to spot anyone stealthing around in, say, a cardboard box as well.

Misplaced- Mega Cat’s latest homebrewed old-school console game may seem like a slight oddity, if only because it may not look like the typical Sega Genesis game to some. Plus it’s a puzzler, and the devs are usually associated with more action-oriented games. But it’s great to see them experimenting, especially with a clever use of gameplay that lets you record your moves and use them for later. Definitely one to look out for.

ITORAH- An impressive-looking, hard-crafted action-platformer about the only human on a planet now filled with masked beings. Well, masked beings and monstrous insects, as seen here. Hopefully that staff has some good reach in order to swat them. Just try not to overreach, because our protagonist is quite close to the edge…

SkateBIRD- Folks, this is why you need to be careful when constructing tiny skate parks for your extreme sports-loving birds. One narrow crack is all it takes to end what could have been an epic, fun-looking trick. This message brought to you by birds who demand thorough playtesting.