Pokémon GO Halloween Event Starts this Week

Time for some spooky fun in the world of Pokémon and the real world too. Pokémon GO is preparing for Halloween with some added features. Trainers will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the scary season!

Starting October 17 and lasting until November 1, you can find more Ghost and Dark Pokémon. Gastly, Golett, Stunky, Yamask and more will be in the wild, hatch from eggs or during raids. Darkrai is going to appear more frequently for raids as well. Plus, Team Rocket has new Pokémon for you to purify. You may even find some Pokémon wearing costumes for Halloween.

There are even more additions to enjoy this Halloween. Check them out on the official website and get out there and walk around catching Pokémon while trick-or-treating!