Adventure Game Woven Gets a Release Date, Linux Version Confirmed

StickyLock Studios and Alterego Games today announced a release date for the adventure title Woven.

According to the Dutch publisher, Alterego’s latest title will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and macOS and is slated to launch on November 15.

And StickyLock has now confirmed that the upcoming title will also arrive on Linux at launch.

Players are transported to the fabric-built world of Woven and take control of the clumsy elephant Stuffy.

Players will explore the world as Stuffy and will cross paths with the metal firefly Glitch, whose memory has been wiped.

While fighting back against the threat of machines, players can improve Stuffy by unlocking new abilities.

Alterego launched a Kickstarter campaign for Woven in 2016 and had set a target of $85,000 (€85,000/£74,324).

But the Dutch indie studio was unable to hit its set target as the project raised $40,606.45 (€40,606.45/£35,506) from 652 backers.

Matthijs Kramer, the narrative designer for Alterego, said that the development team was disappointed that the project wasn’t fully backed on the crowdfunding platform.

When he was asked what the studio took away from the failed Kickstarter, he told Alterego in an interview: “Well, not a budget, obviously! But yeah, it was hard at first, and difficult to grasp what had happened.

“But we did take a long hard look at our campaign. We had, of course, zero experience in marketing, and also, back then, fearing spoilers, we didn’t showcase a lot of the game in our art or trailers.

“But those YouTubers and Twitchers that we did reach and played the actual game were super excited.

“We went viral on Imgur and literally thousands upon thousands liked the game. It was humbling, but in the end, it wasn’t enough. Not to make it happen in 2016 at least.

“I think that is what we took away most of all; what we made was good, but our marketing strategy was lacking, and we had to show more than just the first few minutes of the game.”