CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling Now Available on Steam

After a small delay due to some bug fixes, CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling is finally here. This is the first 3D wrestling game with a license outside of WWE since the days of New Japan Pro Wrestling being featured in the Wrestle Kingdom games on the PS2, and it’s something unlike anything else on the market. It revels in CHIKARA’s brand of wrestling, which is a mix of hard work, wacky characters, and a lot of supernatural elements blended in with comedy. The original Action Arcade Wrestling games on the Xbox 360 were pretty good, with the second featuring some solid wrestling action mixed in with some more modern in-ring brawling.

The CHIKARA license being added to things opens the door for more craziness – like fireballs. The game features over 30 wrestlers from CHIKARA and two-button controls to keep things easy to learn for everyone. There are a variety of match types available, including multi-man elimination matches that can feature up to 10 competitors. The cel shaded look works nicely with the license and the Wrestle Factory tool suite lets you make arenas, federations, accessories, and characters. The game is available now for $13.49 thanks to a launch week discount – meaning for that under the regular $15 price, you can enjoy something completely new in the pro wrestling game landscape.