RAN: Lost Islands to Bring New Battle Royale Experience to Steam Early Access

The medieval-themed battle royale title RAN: Lost Islands will be heading to Steam Early Access, Zodiac Interactive and Jolly Roger Game Studio today announced.

According to the publisher, Jolly Roger’s title will be available via Steam Early Access in late 2019.

The developer plans to hold a closed beta test in November, which users can sign up to through the title’s official website or Discord.

Just like Epic Games’ widely popular Fortnite, RAN: Lost Islands pits 100 players against one another in online multiplayer.

Players will do battle amid the Age of Discovery and can align themselves with one of three factions: the European Empire, the Ming Dynasty and the Japanese Shogunate.

And the world of Lost Islands will feature both naval and land combat as players can change up their playing styles using one of nine different classes.

Players must also fight back against the enemies that are roaming Lost Islands, ranging from wild scavengers in the woods to massive sea monsters.

Zodiac has confirmed that the battle royale title would have its PC debut at EGX, which is held from October 17 to October 20 at ExCeL in London.

Jolly Roger is also working on a PlayStation 4 version of Lost Islands.