Control’s Photo Mode Goes Live Today

Remedy put out a free update to Control today which included, among other small tweaks, a fully-functional photo mode. Using this new tool, players can pause the game at any time and capture everything from an explosive combat scene to one of the Oldest House’s many uncanny spaces. The tool grants users control over camera attributes such as aperture, field of view and focus distance; they can even opt to remove characters from the shot. Additionally, users have the choice between ten different filters with which to apply the finishing touch before saving  their capture or uploading it for all to see and find.

Once the update is applied, all one has to do to enter Photo Mode and start snapping is to pause the game and find “Photo Mode” in the menu. For those who aren’t all that interested in taking pictures though, Control is an excellent third-person shooter with a great supernatural hook. It’s definitely worth a try for the gamer who enjoys sci-fi action.

Control is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and PC.