Grandia HD Now Available on PC

We gave the Grandia HD Collection high marks in August, and now, the first legendary entry in that series has finally hit PC. The original game was a huge hit in the 32-bit era, but didn’t get much love after the fact. Now, Game Arts has revived it with the HD Collection hitting the Switch in August and the PC scene finally getting the first game – after receiving the second game a few years ago in an HD remastered form. If you don’t want to play the second game before the first, then you can get Grandia I now on Steam for $19.99.

This version of the game has some nice improvements over the PS1 and Saturn original. Beyond the UI being updated for modern displays, the sprites and textures as a whole have gotten a bit of a revamp. The PC side of things gets widescreen support and you can change the resolutions as you’d like. There are also achievements and you can play with remappable controls on PC as well. If you’re on a JRPG kick and want something sprite-based, give Grandia HD a shot.