Fortnite Chapter 2 Trailer Shows Off a Brand New World

Well, after two years and ten seasons of being one of the biggest video games out right now, Fortnite still managed to make headlines on Sunday when it ended the tenth season of its Battle Royale mode by literally destroying the game’s entire world by having it sucked into a black hole, then having the game go down for a period of time, with only images of the black hole being streamed. Naturally, this left several gamers curious about what would happen next, but now the eleventh season is officially underway, along with the new moniker of Fortnite Chapter 2, complete with a brand new map and new features showcased in the launch trailer below.

Aside from thirteen new locations and new skins, Chapter 2 begins by placing an emphasis on water sports, of all things. Players can now swim and use motorboats to get around, and even fish for items. The ability to carry teammates to safety is now included as well, along with a Bandage Bazooka that can fire healing shots. For those who prefer the offensive, explosive environments are now abound such as gas tanks, and hiding areas like haystacks now provide an opportunity for surprise attacks. Not to mention generally improved combat and a new XP system that promises less grinding. Fortnite Chapter 2 is live right now, so feel free to see if this brave new world is worth it.