Outbuddies Now Available on PC

One of those projects that’s been in the works for quite a while – since 2013, in fact –  Outbuddies has been the brainchild of solo developer Julian Laufer. And thanks to some assistance from publisher Headup Games, the metroidvania-styled action-platformer is finally out now for all to enjoy. And as seen in the launch trailer below, it looks like players will need some impressive skills to conquer it, battling massive bosses with a wide variety of skills, depicted via some impressive pixel art.

Outbuddies is the tale of maritime archaeologist Nikolay Bernstein, who isn’t exactly having the best of days. After finally regaining consciousness following a shipwreck, he happens to find himself 36,000 feet under the sea in Bahlam, which just happens to be an ancient city belonging to the Old Gods. Now teaming up with a robotic “Buddy” unit (that a second player can control via co-op), Nikolav heads out in Bahlam looking for answers. Outbuddies is available now on PC, with Switch, XB1, and PS4 version to follow in 2020.