Building the Cutest Little Factory Town in Autonauts Launch Trailer

The problem with space is that mass equals expense.  Every tiny little thing costs money to send into orbit and even more money to transport to a new world.  This is most likely the reason why colonists only ever arrive anywhere with the clothes on their backs and little more, and frankly they should feel gratitude that they don’t arrive naked.  A good crafter can go from beating on trees with a stick lashed to a rock to kicking back in the comfort of a functioning rustic settlement with a couple hours work, and after that the sky’s the limit.  Autonauts is the latest survival game to strand its colonist on a pristine planet, and it may also be the cutest.

While on the surface Autonauts looks like your standard survival game, running beneath that is a heart of automation.  One of the first things to build is a wooden robot, and it can be programmed to follow instructions and carry the workload.  One robot leads to another and fairly soon there’s a fleet of helpers creating a settlement strong enough to support more than just the one initial colonist.  This requires multiple jobs and tasks, of course, and while it’s possible to list them out that seems redundant when a chipper robo-voice can sing about it for you instead.  Give the trailer a look and get ready for the march of the adorable colonizing robots.