Review: Sennheiser GSP 370

In selecting a gaming headset there are a number of factors to consider. Price, comfort, wired/wireless, sound quality, EQ mixing just to name a few. Which headset is the best is mostly subjective, based on which of those criteria are individually important to the user. Sennheiser is known for quality sound equipment (including wireless guitar systems) and has introduced a new gaming headset. The Sennheiser GSP 370 is a wireless headset compatible with PC, Mac and PlayStation 4. Through information comparison on Sennheiser’s website it looks like a less expensive alternative to their GSP 670 with some concessions but one notable advantage: the GSP 370 boasts 100 hours of battery life.

The GSP 370 is straightforward with its design. The unidirectional noise-cancelling mic can be pulled back to get out of the way when chat isn’t necessary. The left earcuff has the on switch which is the only button on the headset and a micro USB port for charging with the included 1.5 meter charging cable. The right earcuff has a lone volume dial for easy volume adjustment. There is USB dongle for wireless connectivity to computer or PlayStation 4. This is the simplest set up one could expect with a wireless gaming headset.

The headset itself is black and dark grey which looks great with just about anything. The memory foam on the earcuffs are soft, comfortable and don’t generate a lot of heat. There is a bit of a trade off in the construction. The headset is made of plastic. It feels durable even if they are slightly bendable but naturally cannot take as much abuse as headsets with metal frames and more care would be needed in packing these for travel. On one hand, the sturdiness that comes with metal frames is something that I’ve always appreciated. On the other hand this is the lightest wireless headset in my collection and can be comfortably worn for hours so there are some benefits to the construction choice.

The headset is compatible with the Sennheiser Gaming Suite software. This only works with Windows 10 software, and as such using this headset with PC is where the quality will be optimal. The playback can be switched from 2.0 channel stereo to 7.1 surround sound. The software has a visual equalizer for the different frequencies which is a bit nicer than just a treble and bass slider. The overall sound quality is good but compared to some other headsets with everything pumped up to max the bass frequencies never quite reach a truly thunderous level, which can make a difference with certain types of music. Creating the ideal mix between lows, mids and highs is a plus but the ceiling for how far each frequency can go seems limited.

Using this with PlayStation 4 the sound control options are more limited but it still delivers great sound quality to the user. This is a high quality but no frills headset, so there is no independent volume control for chat or any other audio game enhancers, like tweaks to bring up background noise in the game or active noise cancellation to help drown out the real world. While the sound quality itself is nothing to complain about there are other headsets that can create a greater sense of immersion through other sound wave manipulation tricks or by adding more of a vibratory presence with some of the sound effects such as explosions. Using the headset for movies or music sounds good and better than most stock speakers but some other headsets would provide a higher sound quality experience.

Closing Comments:

The Sennheiser GSP 370 has some things going for it but also has some limitations. The overall sound quality is good and can be adjusted through the software but for people who want a lot of thump in the low end this comes up rather short. There’s no Bluetooth connectivity or 3.5mm input so it is limited to dongle connection through computer or PlayStation 4. The low latency wireless connection is, however, one of the better ones I’ve encountered in wireless headsets with no discernible lag or delay in sound delivery or any audio hiccups. The battery life allows the headset to go for a couple weeks without a charge and the lightweight construction makes it one of the more comfortable models out there for extended gaming sessions. At the $199.95 price point, it’s a good-sounding headset but there are other models that may be more appropriate for what someone considers important features. The GSP 370 has adequate sound quality with extreme comfort and battery longevity.