Surviving the Aftermath Now Available on Early Access

Paradox Interactive has announced today that Surviving the Aftermath, the next title in their popular Surviving franchise, is now available in Early Access at the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Preview. In Surviving the Aftermath, players construct and manage colony of survivors following a cataclysmic event that nearly ends the world. Resources are extremely limited, so it is up to the player to optimize production and consumption to ensure that nothing is wasted as they attempt to rebuild society through constructing buildings, managing colonists and surviving natural disasters. To help bring the world to life, in addition to building shelter players will explore a dangerous world filled with unique biomes, hazards and bandits. Surviving the Aftermath will feature over fifty unique buildings, 46 unique specialists, tough moral choices and six different biomes in a procedurally generated world. Developed by Iceflake Studios, the post-apocalyptic colony builder is being co-developed alongside the community with regular updates incorporating player feedback. Players who want to get in on the ground level and participate in the game’s Early Access period can purchase Surviving the Aftermath at an early-bird discount of $19.99/£15.49/€19.99. More details can be found on the Surviving the Aftermath website.