Screenshot Saturday Featuring Spiritfarer, No Place for Bravery, More

Well, Screenshot Saturday is upon us yet again! Time to take a look at the latest snippets from developers using the #screenshotsaturday tag to showcase their work, time to showcase some of the most promising ones, and time to immediately cry whenever a developer you featured last week puts out an even more impressive shot for their game this week but you have a personal rule about never featuring the same game twice in a row. That last one is likely just me, though. But I kid, and we still have another batch of interesting games to check out, so let’s get right to it…

Spiritfarer- This is one of those cases where the tweet that was used may not be the most exciting one, but it’s one that still shows a high level of quality work being put into the same, especially for what may be one my most anticipated games for 2020, having gotten hands-on time with it at E3. The colorful 2D adventure/management sim about being a Charon-like figure that leads souls to the afterlife has quite the colorful cast, you see, and we get some examples of them right here, done in what may be some of Thunder Lotus’ best hand-drawn artwork yet. Cannot wait.

ScourgeBringer- This upcoming roguelike platformer was already featuring some truly stunning pixel art, but the developers still continue to impress with a simple showcase of a superbly-designed environment. The little sparkles of snow and ice falling from the ceiling, the flickering candles, the ice block covering the tree-like structures…just an impressive setting all around. An impressive setting that will soon be filled with enemies being sliced and diced to ribbons, but an impressive setting nonetheless.

No Place for Bravery- An atmospheric action RPG about a group of survivors wandering through a now-ruined world, the game’s latest clip wastes no time in setting the stage, with pools of blood, kidnapping, and wide, open settings abound. We not have any action here right now, but it still looks like quite the intriguing and haunting adventure that one could easily get interested in.

The Tarnishing of Juxtia- Sometimes, all you really need is one beautifully-animated, badass slow motion shot to sell someone on your game. A lot of this 2D action game about trying a save a pair of divine cities being ripped apart already looks quite incredible as is, so this is really just the cherry on top.

Cranked Up- One basic train of logic for creating a hit game is to just think of something that doesn’t exist in the gaming world, and then make it. Now, understandably, it should be something gamers need or want, but even better is when it’s something we didn’t KNOW we needed or wanted. And as demonstrated here, this is how you get insanely fun-looking platformers with animal donuts and rockets. And random memes, apparently.

Bloodroots- So what are the odds that this attack makes it into the final version of this action game? Because we’ve already seen Shovel Knight cameo in several other indie games already, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see him loan out an attack to another gaming badass like Mr. Wolf (who actually seems slightly irked that he only got coins instead of gore).

Zealot- Admittedly, Twitter’s compression at times makes it a bit tricky to actually get a full glimpse of the servant here upon first glance. But one you take a closer look, it nicely establishes that one way or another, an epic showdown is about to take place with our fallen priest and the foe that guards this key. Good luck, buddy.

Lost Paradise- Not to be confused with at least two other indie games in the works called Paradise Lost, once again we have a game that simply needs one badass moment to catch our attention. In this case that would be some terrific, fast-paced third-person combat that just looks insanely fun. So here’s hoping this is another Souls-like that succeeds!

Gamedec- Well, this is a cyberpunk game, so I would honestly be more shocked if we didn’t have a shady urban area that a hotbed of crime and intrigue, even if it is just a virtual world. But nonetheless, kudos to still being able to make a hive of scum and villainy that still looks quite eye-catching, making certain that we’ll want to explore every inch of it.

Little Witch in the Woods- Yes, this is actually a tweet from last week, but after Wholesome Games also did a nice showcase of this adventure about a cute little witch just trying to graduate from witch school that clued me in to this game’s potential, I knew I needed to correct the faux pas of not giving it any attention as well. Plus, you have to hand it to any enchanted woods that likes James Gunn films.