Battlefield V: War in the Pacific Reveal Coming this Week

DICE today teased the reveal of the upcoming Battlefield V expansion, War in the Pacific.

Battlefield V is about to get a wave of new content from an entirely different region. So far, all post-launch content has focused on the European and Mediterranean theatres of war. However, for the next big batch of content, DICE is looking to the east.

War in the Pacific finally brings the conflict in the Pacific to Battlefield V. The expansion adds in the American and Japanese factions, a host of new American and Japanese weaponry, and, of course, plenty of tropical maps. While we need to wait till October 23 for the full reveal, DICE did drop a little teaser.

The teaser doesn’t show much, but it does tease some possible new additions. Look in the background and you’ll get a glimpse of the M1 Garand. There’s also ships and transport boats, suggesting there might be some naval combat on the horizon. Finally, we get a brief look at the island in the background, which has set off speculation that this may be Wake Island. A fan-favorite map that has made an appearance in tons of Battlefield games, Wake Island would be a welcome addition to the map rotation.

Battlefield V is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Like all previously released content, War in the Pacific launches free for all Battlefield V owners. Be sure to tune in October 23 for the full reveal.