The Forgettable Dungeon Remembers Early Access

Some information is meant to be stored forever.  Knowing how fire works?  That’s important, and should to be filed away in the most secure part of the brain.  The layout of a randomized dungeon, on the other hand, is a very different thing.  It’s only useful for a couple minutes and then its memory can fade away an ice cube in the sun.  The Forgettable Dungeon is a Gauntlet-like quest through voxel-y crypts, catacombs, and other cavernous structures, beating on monsters and searching out all the pickups.  Like any good roguelike the monster behavior is far more important than the dungeon map, but the lack of need to memorize the layout doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore every nook and cranny.  Preferably with friends, because a goofy dungeon romp set to an energetic chip-tune soundtrack is best with more people, if only so the voxelized destruction can send as many cubes flying as possible.

The Forgettable Dungeon was originally a Kickstarter project and has been available to backers for several years now.  While the original plan was to release when done, enough time has passed and the game is feature-rich enough that it’s well suited for an Early Access release.  That’s happened as of today, so give the trailer below a look in preparation for the monster-smacking voxel-shattering action ahead.