Flow to the Beat with Audio Trip Early Access Release

Dancing is one of the best ways to exercise.  It combines movement and music into a single activity, making it hard to stop once you’ve started.  The beat defines the action and the action feels good because of the beat, creating a feedback loop that’s only interrupted when rest becomes a necessity.  Audio Trip is a VR music game where the note track is designed to keep you dancing, constantly moving as the notes define where your hands go and your body follows along for the ride.  I gave this a more in-depth preview a few weeks back but, for those who’d rather play than read about the latest music game, Audio Trip has released today on Steam in Early Access form.  A fair amount has changed since I played it last, with that version having been a beta.  The poly-balls marking where your hands are have grown, the backgrounds got completely re-worked, and the note tracks have been tweaked as well.  The nine songs of the beta have been bumped to ten, with current plans calling for that to double to twenty over the course of development, and a choreography editor is in the works as well.  It’s a good plan for the future, and today’s release shows off a game that’s notably better than it was just recently.

Audio Trip is available in Early Access as of today.  The trailer below is a bit dated but should give a good sense of the flow- touch the small gems, hit the bigger ones, hold the note lines, and smack the drums.  It only sounds simple until you get moving, at which point there’s more than enough to do to work up a properly energetic sweat.