HyperX Achieves Major Shipping Milestones

HyperX announced today that it has has achieved three major shipping milestones, cementing their place as one of the leaders in gaming accessories. Founded in 2014, HyperX has produced thirty different headset models and has now reached 10 million headset units sold, their newest being the Cloud MIX Rose Gold Edition. They have sold one million keyboards, with their newest mechanical keyboard now using their own proprietary switches. Their final retail milestone for the day is announcing that they have sold 65 million memory modules.

“HyperX continues to exceed our expectations in market share, firmly established as both a leader in PC headsets and a pioneer in the gaming industry,”saidMark Leathem, general manager, HyperX.“Shipping over 10 million headsets is impressive enough, but given the keyboard and memory milestones, it shows what a powerhouse HyperX has become in the gaming industry.”