Powerhoof Officially Reveals Pulp Adventure Game The Drifter

Two weeks ago at PAX Australia, local developers Powerhoof showed off a variety of their upcoming games. Among those was The Drifter, a point-and-click adventure game previously glimpsed only through Twitter GIFs and the like that we didn’t have much information on at the moment. Well, now they’re ready to pull back the curtain even further. The Drifter has now been officially announced with a trailer that you can check out below, which is quick but nicely sets the tone for what’s to come.

The game centers around Mick Carter, our titular drifter who just happens to witness a violent murder, then gets killed my mysterious armed men soon after. At least until he gets brought back to life, seconds before his death, no less. Now Mick finds himself framed for the murder, and has to uncover the conspiracy behind everything. The focus is heavily on the narrative here, with the game’s description noting that it draws inspiration from King, Crichton, John Carpenter, and classic Ozploitation films. The Drifter certainly has our attention, and while it may not be out for a while (no release window yet), we can’t wait to see more of it when it hits PC and Switch.