Review: Velocilinx Brennus Collection For PC

PC gaming can be an expensive hobby. Besides keeping a powerful rig up to the date and the acquisition of games there’s other pieces of hardware and accessories that need to be acquired. Which opens up the other headache of finding things that not only meet the practical requirements but also are aesthetically pleasing. Velocilinx addresses some of these problems with their Warrior line of eSports-ready hardware. They have three different collections featuring a headset, mouse and keyboard named after legendary warriors Boudica, Brennus and Tyr. At this time, the Tyr Collection is just a mouse with other components in development. Each collection has some slight differences between each other which are spelled out on their website while we will be focusing on the Brennus Collection. Gallic King Brennus was a warrior and his sack of Rome in 390 BC is recorded as the worst disaster of the early Roman Republic.

Brennus Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This black gun metal aluminum USB keyboard features Outemu Blue mechanical spring keyboard for a solid click and bounce with onboard anti-ghosting technology to give a tactile sensation to any button the user presses. There are nine built in RGB lighting schemes that can be further customized to the user’s unique design preferences, with each key being individually back-lit and offers up to 16.8 million colors and 14 built-in LED effects. More importantly, there’s an option to lock out the WIN key during gameplay to prevent accidental exiting at crucial moment. There are ten customizable profiles so there can be a different color layout for specific games with multiple hot key functionality.

The Brennus keyboard has that stripped down body style with all the keys laid out a space efficient aluminum body, complete with a row of function keys and number pad. The Outemu Blue mechanical switches make for some loud clicks on the keyboard but they do exactly what they are supposed to which is make sure every keystroke registers with minimal pressure, an important feature for any gaming keyboard. Labeling some of the keys with all their functions looks cluttered on some keys, for example we have one particular key labeled 1 ! FPS. This is the same style for number keys 1 through 5, with 6 through 0 being the G1-G5 keys with the function keys serving double duty as media controls. Functionally this isn’t too bad but does make the design appear cluttered.

The Brennus keyboard has so many light effects that it could double as a personal desktop light show. A cool feature with the lights is that entering certain settings can change which keys are lit up on the keyboard to correspond with the appropriate game, like a FPS template or one for Call of Duty games. There are a lot of cool features on this keyboard, like programmable hot keys and setting up macros. Executing some of these commands using the keyboard directly isn’t always the most intuitive process and it may be a good idea to just opt for the Velocilnix software to manage these settings in a more efficient manner. The key spacing feels more compact than other keyboards which is an adjustment, especially for individuals with plumper, sausage-like fingers, but despite that that keyboard’s performance is extremely responsive whether used for gaming or typing. This is a nice gaming keyboard, especially for the MSRP of $109.99. The light show might not be something that’s relevant to everyone but the lighting features are impressive for the people that do find it appealing.

Brennus VXGM-HS71S-21O-BK 7.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset

The 7.1 virtual surround sound headset creates a greater sense of immersion as all enemy and environmental threats will be heard as if they are in their in-game location. A feature of the Velocilinx surround sound software is the user can customize individually named profiles to use with each game. The headset features 50mm neodymium drivers to deliver hard hitting sound with a lightweight design that facilitates extended gaming sessions. This headset features a noise cancelling microphone on a flexible with inline volume controls and a mute button. The metal headband is integrated with tension controls to the adjust the tightness to the user’s preference while memory foam earpads block outside noise and help keep your ears cool. For people who are into this sort of this there are seven color-changing LED lights.

Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz
RGB backlit: 7 colors
Connector: USB 2.0
Cable length: 2.2m
OS: Windows 7 or newer
Speaker size: 50mm neodymium drivers
Speaker impedance: 21
Microphone type: Omnidirectional
Microphone sensitivity: -42DB±3DB

The Brennus headset is impressive with its ergonomic design, with the use of sturdy but lightweight aluminum in the frame and memory foam cushions on the earcuffs to help keep the wearer comfortable during extended gaming sessions. This headset is tournament ready with external LED light settings. In a tournament setting I suppose those can look cool but it seems like a pointless feature when playing at home. The omni directional mic works fine with the headset, though it is hardwired to the left earcuff if that matters to anyone. The inline controls make adjusting volume/muting the mic easy as well as controlling the light show. With the Velocilinx software downloaded, the user has the option to switch from stereo to 7.1 surround sound along with doing some EQ mixing. The 7.1 mode does make the audio louder, fuller and brings out some of the undertones and background sounds that often get buried in the mix, but the overall quality of the surround sound immersion doesn’t reach the levels someone would find in more expensive headsets. The sound quality is fine at lower volumes, but depending on how the individual audio is mixed there can be some occasional distortion at higher volumes. For listening to music the sound quality is adequate but for people who are really into music this output quality may fall short. The Brennus headset is one of the least expensive 7.1 headsets around with an MSRP of $69.99 but the main thing it has going for it is the aesthetic of matching the rest of the Brennus collection. Audiophiles and people who have high demands for sound quality should go with a more expensive 7.1 set or get a higher quality stereo headset for the same price bracket.

Brennus VXGM-MS5B-10K-BK Optical Gaming Mouse

The Brennus Optical Gaming Mouse includes five buttons and offers six DPI settings for aiming accuracy. The DPI settings (up to 10K) are adjusted with a button conveniently located behind the scroll wheel to get the aiming accuracy exactly where the player wants it with vibrant colored light changes to confirm the DPI settings have changed. The ergonomic design is coated with slip and sweat resistant rubber textured surface to provide precision gameplay even after hours of high stakes competition. To match the other items in the Brennus collection, this mouse features eight RGB body lights.

Professional 10,000 DPI USB Optical Gaming Mouse with RGB Lighting
Five Programmable Buttons
Body Lighting: Show off your style with 8 vibrant color choices
DPI Button: Scroll wheel changes colors as you change DPI so you can cycle DPI settings on the go without taking your eyes off the action
High precision optical engine
1,000-10,000 DPI Resolution
Frame rate: up to 3600 fps
USB interface
Chipset: A3325
Mouse Color: Silver & Black
Metallic bottom case
1.5M braided fiber cable
Dimensions: L125×W81×H39mm

The Brennus mouse is wired through a braided USB cable so it’s basically a plug and play mouse, but there’s more to it than just that. Going to the Velocilnix homepage the user can download a program to adjust the mouse’s DPI settings, lighting, sensitivity parameters and programmable buttons which is highly recommended in order to get the most out of this mouse. The default sensitivity is high on this but proper adjustments can make it much more conducive to proper gameplay. The construction of the mouse is unusual with the body covered with a rubber coating and metal on the sides. The mouse performs well, the scroll wheel and main buttons do exactly as they are intended with no complaints and it feels well constructed. The one issues with the design is with any unusually-designed piece of standard equipment: the design choice may not feel comfortable depending on how someone typically grips a mouse. Because of the sleeker design, even though it’s a medium-sized mouse it actually feels like there’s less surface area to grip. With an MSRP of $52.99, this is a good mid-range mouse but it’s recommended before purchase to examine the actual shape and design of the Brennus mouse to see if it’s something the user thinks would be comfortable for gaming.

Closing Comments:

The Velocilinx Brennus Collection offers some good gaming hardware for a budget price with a cool matching style. The headset is the weak link in the collection, but for the price offers adequate sound quality and comfort. The keyboard and mouse are the standout items, blending functionality and style in a way that brings a nice aesthetic to one’s gaming area and delivers good performance in the game. With such an emphasis on design, personal taste will account for whether this a collection that is suitable for an individual, but one of the two other Velocilnix collections may be more appealing. All items in each collection are sold individually, so mixing and matching is always an option too.