Latest Development Diary For Maneater Now Available to View

When we looked at Tripwire Interactive’s upcoming open-world shark RPG Maneater at E3 earlier this year, we praised a lot of what the gameplay demo had to show off, but oddly didn’t mention much of the game’s world and story beyond the framing device of a documentary. Thankfully, to help remedy this, the game’s second Developer Diary has been released, which you can check out below. In it, the team discusses crafting the characters and settings, with more gameplay footage to check out.

One of the notable highlights this time around is Scaly Pete, the game’s shark-hunting antagonist, and how his character is developed. This includes Pete’s son as well, which opens up a plot involving the relationship between fathers and sons…that just happens to involve a killer shark. Meanwhile, we also get to see that the setting evolve along with our shark protagonist, going from munching on hicks in a bayou to fine dining at luxury seaside condos. It looks like a ton of fun, and while we still don’t have a release window yet, we can’t wait for when Maneater hits the PC sometime later.