Become the Horror in Limited Time Carrion Demo

There are two sides to every good horror story, and usually it’s told from the perspective of those trying to survive.  The universe, the story goes, is big and scary, and we’re just tiny creatures wandering about its surface with our greatest hope being that we live beneath the notice of its terrors.  And then there’s Carrion, which cheerfully puts you in the shoes of the hideous tentacle-beast terrorizing a facility fully crewed with a delicious range of targets.  Questions like what is the beast?, why is it there?, and what is the facility? are completely ignored for the moment, most likely because if you’re an unholy fusion of tentacles and teeth there’s no reason to care.  The only thing that matters is there are people to dismember, many armed and all of them delicious.  Whatever was happening before, it’s no longer important because the beast is running the show now.

Carrion describes itself as a “reverse horror” game, but aside from the disturbingly hideous creature you get to play as it’s a 2D action non-platformer where you explore a facility in search of a way out.  The “non-platformer” part comes from the creature’s incredibly mobility, turning what would normally be a run & jump side-view Metroidvania into a playground where every surface is yours to explore.  Tentacle-beast is just as comfortable creeping in the shadows on the ceiling as it is on the wall or floor, but there are barriers to its mobility you’ll need to figure out how to work around.  As a general rule, though, if there’s something in the room to kill you’re going in the right direction.

With Halloween just around the corner Carrion has released a limited-time demo, available immediately and through November 2.  It’s disturbing and horribly wrong in all the best ways, and an absolute blast to boot.  Give it a look on Steam, because there’s no reason the ghosts, ghoulies, and creatures that go bump in the night should have all the fun.