Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Knightwitch, Boomerang X, More

Well, it’s time for the final Screenshot Saturday of October! And with the end of October coming up, you all know what that means. It’s time for the screenshots, GIFs, and more shared by developers via the #screenshotsaturday tag to start focusing on ghouls, ghosts, goblins, and other creatures of the night in order to celebrate…um, no, wait…ooookay, apparently we have decided to skip the Halloween celebrations this time around, judging by what popped up this week. Dang. Well, there’s another crop of promising games regardless of the lack of holiday spirit, so let’s get right to it!

The Knightwitch- Super Mega Team are developers who certainly showed promise with their previous game, Rise & Shine, but it was a bit of a flawed effort. But now we have their follow-up, a combination of metroidvania, RPG, and shoot-’em-up gameplay about the titular knightwitch exploring an underground city after a black magic bomb goes off, looking for their husband. Needs to say, that is one extremely intriguing setup. And things look good so far, especially with it comes to the artwork and settings, as seen here. So count me in as rooting for this.

Rawmen- Well, developers may not have exactly been in the Halloween spirit during Screenshot Saturday this month, but they were certainly down to celebrate #blocktober instead, which Naughty Dog’s Michael Barclay started via the hashtag in order to highlight the process of level design, especially in the early stages. After all, your kickass naked multiplayer soup battles need to have the arenas tested with simpler models before moving onto further development, lest you wind up with naked multiplayer soup battles that somehow aren’t kickass.

Superliminal- When you have a puzzle game largely based around altering objects via forced perspective, you had best believe players will want to gleefully mess around with every object that they can get their hands on. So is the second-largest can of diet soda that you’ve ever seen required to bypass any obstacles? Possibly not, but it still looks damn awesome.

Atomicrops- Befitting these Autumn months, we get another look at this incredible roguelike dual-stick farming sim now available in Early Access, which prominently involves a harvest festival. And here we get a nice look at the town whose future in riding on your crops, so you had best do well. After all, you want a shot at being able to woo that insect man.

The Good Life- SWERY and his team are nicely coming along with their upcoming murder mystery about a photographer in a town where people turn into cats at night, having used several previous tweets from the past to show the town’s residents and their various feline forms. And aside from two more showcases of the population, we also get a little extra behind-the-scenes work with our lead, Naomi, in the middle of a cutscene. Simple stuff, but definitely still eye-catching stuff.

Boomerang X- I’m sorry, are you telling me that the gaming community HASN’T made a FPS entirely built around the Glaive from Krull yet? Really, this is another one of those cases where we should all be ashamed for not having thought this up. But thankfully, we now have this fast-paced potential hit to fill that hole, complete with what are indeed some nice, gooey explosions.

The Last Friend- Protecting a dog shelter with beat-’em-up tactics does indeed require one to get creative in order to succeed. And sometimes that means finding a way to use magnetism in order to slam two enemies into each other. And odd tactic, but certainly an effective one that nicely fits this offbeat and colorful game.

The Falconeer- Well, it only makes sense that an action game revolving around flying through the sky on giant falcons would have effort placed into all aspects of flight, including the landings. And indeed, this is one nice and smooth landing that perfectly captures the majestic, powerful presence of your winged companion, so bravo!

Finders Reapers- “Looter shooters” tend to be frowned upon by a lot of gamers these days, largely due to them being a generic byproduct of the triple-a gaming industry. But what about a competitive multiplayer shooter where you had to loot, shoot, and sell all at the same time in order to come out on top? And one that allows you to snipe players decked out in full leaf suit camo, among other things? Well, then things get interesting.

Moonshell Island- Nothing like a charming, cute, top-down retro adventure where you spend time building a community and paying of your debt on a mysterious island, Animal Crossing-style. Especially one where you get to help a mug-wearing crab run the club of their dreams. This is the life, right?