Death Stranding Coming to PC in Summer 2020

Death Stranding has been in the works for years and since the end of Silent Hills and the demise of P.T., people have wanted to see just what Hideo Kojima had up his sleeve after his run at Konami came to an end. Today, Kojima Productions announced that not only will Death Stranding be coming to the PS4 on November 8, but the long-awaited game will hit PC thanks to 505 Games in the summer of 2020. The game has been polarizing, with gameplay showcasing a blend of adventure and walking, with no one being quite sure what to make of it. This may seem a bit odd, but his games have long been known to defy traditional descriptions and they tend to make a lot more sense when you play through them.

In just two short weeks, we’ll all be able to see what the fuss is about when Death Stranding launches on the PlayStation 4 and those who want to play it at a higher fidelity and don’t mind the wait can do so and enjoy it on PC. One thing that wasn’t brought up was which platform it will release on. It will be interesting to see if it becomes an Epic Games Store exclusive with Epic doing all they can to get AAA-level games on the service and this would be right in line what they’ve done. Doing so would be a great move when it comes to money, but it would lead to those wanting to enjoy it beyond EGS to have to wait at least an additional year for exclusivity to end – so for the sake of players, hopefully it’s released on both Steam and EGS on day one.