Life Is Strange 2 Episode 5 is ‘Almost Done,’ Says Co-Director Michel Koch

Life Is Strange 2’s fifth and final episode is nearing the finishing line of development as Dontnod Entertainment is “hard at work on polish and bugfix.”

That’s according to Life Is Strange 2 co-director Michel Koch, who took to Twitter to provide a major update for fans of the episodic adventure title.

Koch, who is also the art director on the title, confirmed that the fifth untitled episode is “almost done.”

He tweeted: “I’m leaving tomorrow for a long holiday. EP5 is almost done and the team is hard at work on polish and bugfix.

“I’m extremely proud of this episode, and our amazing team!

“Can’t wait for you all to discover how the wolf brothers [sic] journey ends (and how it ends for each of you ^^).”

Life Is Strange 2 arrived on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2018 with the release of Episode 1: Roads.

And the penultimate entry in the five-part series, Episode 4: Faith, was released back in August.

Episode 5 is slated to launch on console and PC on December 3.

The Life Is Strange sequel, which initially launched as a digital download, will receive a physical release in North America and Europe.

Koch also took to Twitter to say that he was “disappointed” fans might have overlooked a “small detail” in Episode 4: Faith.

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