ASTRO.ID Looks to let Gamers Show off Their Personalities

ASTRO has announced today a new program that allows gamers to customize their headsets. The customized will be truly personalized and feature stylish color combinations for their favorite ASTRO headsets. This will all launch with the new ASTRO.ID A40 TR Headset. This headset will be focused on personalization, individuality and self-expression without compromising performance. This will include 46,000 custom color combinations at launch.

“Style and customization have always been important to gamers, and that understanding is a key component of ASTRO’s DNA. It’s why we developed the first ever customizable speaker tag system for gaming headsets, implemented hardware customization in the C40 Controller and software customization across our entire line of products,” said Aron Drayer, vice president of marketing ASTRO Gaming. “ASTRO.ID takes that customization to an entirely new level, removing the compromise between performance and style. The new ASTRO.ID A40 TR Headset is all about personalization, individuality and self-expression.”

ASTRO has always allowed for customization of its hardware. Players can swap ear cups and accessorize headsets while the C40 controller is completely customizable. The custom ASTRO.ID A40 TR Headsets will retail for $199 and can be ordered now at ASTRO.ID website. There is also a bundle that includes the mix-amp for $299. Check out the trailer below.