Black Future ’88 Unleashes Neon Mayhem on November 21

Well, after nearly two years of being a Screenshot Saturday darling and impressing us at every chance we’ve gotten to try it out, SuperScarySnakes and publisher Good Shepherd are finally ready to unleash Black Future ’88 upon the world. The synth-punk roguelike action/platformer is now due out next month, witch a physical Switch release set to come later in 2020. And for those of who need a quick primer on the game or are wondering what “synth-punk” would look and sound like, well, the new trailer below has you covered.

The setup for Black Future ’88 is simple. A nuclear cataclysm has created a dark rain that has created a permanent 1988, and now you have to make your way through a living, evolving tower in order to kill the main behind everything, all in eighteen minutes before your heart explodes. Okay, “simple” may not necessarily be the right word. But the action itself is more than enough reason to check things out, with may upgrades to learn, characters to unlock, insane gunplay that fills the screen, and a unique co-op mode that will fully support Steam’s new Remote Play Together feature. Black Future ’88 comes out on November 21 for Switch and PC, and fans of old-school action may definitely not want to miss it.