PlayStation Now Holds Top Three Spots as PS4 Becomes Second-Best Selling Console

Nearly thirteen years since it launched way back in late 2006, the Wii — Nintendo’s own best-selling console for the company — has finally been dethroned from among one of the top three spots as the overall best-selling home consoles in history. Sony announced today that the PS4’s total life-time shipments now stand at roughly 102.8 million units, having sold an additional 2.8 million consoles during the second fiscal quarter. It means that Sony, specifically the PlayStation brand, now hold first, second and third spot respectively; the PS4 now coming in second place, the original PlayStation console reaching third place at 102.49 million units and the PS2 still reigning supreme, at roughly 155 million units.

In contrast to its current-gen competitors, the Xbox One currently stands at an estimate of around 44 million units, though Microsoft no longer publish official hardware sales of their console. The Nintendo Switch meanwhile — the second Nintendo system to compete against the PS4, following the Wii U — sits at around 36.87 million, though that figure is certain to increase following Nintendo’s own latest earnings release which is scheduled for tomorrow. Even so, with this generation of consoles appearing to be winding down, from a commercial stand-point, there’s little denying that Sony and PlayStation have ended the eighth generation, on top.