Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Season 2 Content Goes Live

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has been out for a bit on consoles digitally and finally hit PC in September via Steam. Today, the season 2 content hit the game across all platforms with a mix of free and paid content available. New characters include Doggie from SPD, Eric Myers from Time Force, and Dai Shi from Jungle Fury. Each of these characters is $5.99 while a new skin for Tommy Oliver is available for $2.

Free content includes a new arena based on the delta base from SPD alongside a new ultra in the form of the delta squad megazord and new banners featuring new characters and the story mode. There are a variety of different versions available. A collector’s edition gets you the game digitally alongside the season one content and some skins. Console owners can get the core game for $20 on either the Switch or PlayStation 4, and you can now pre-order a physical edition from Best Buy on both the PS4 or Switch.