Sonic Mania Devs Hit Kickstarter for Vertebreaker

It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since Sonic Mania launched, and with its Encore content in the rear view mirror, it’s led to people wonder what’s coming up from the people behind it. While word on a Sonic Mania follow-up hasn’t come about and doesn’t seem likely, we’ll at least have Vertebreaker to look forward to. This original IP comes from Headcannon and is more than just an homage to the classics – like Shovel Knight, it aims to do its own thing within a classic framework. It’s an action-platformer that has just hit Kickstarter and has a free demo available as well. The game’s soundtrack is right out of the offbeat soundtrack of Sonic 3 and sounds fantastic, while the action is quick and features not only a sword for slashing, but also a giant set of arms to sling yourself around the world and into enemies. This blends a bit of Sonic’s speed with Ristar’s core mechanics and a touch of Strider when it comes to the arc of the sword slash. Anyone craving something new, yet somewhat familiar, should check out the demo and see it for yourself.

Their goal is $275,000 and they’re about $5,000 in so far. The Kickstarter has nearly a month to go and has some fantastic pricing tiers. For only $10, you get a digital copy of the game as an early bird – while the normal price is $15. For $20, you get the game and a digital artbook, while $25 nets you the game and an OST. All of the tiers that include getting the game also have your names going in the credit – so if you buy in early, you get even more value for the money.