New Pokémon Anime Gets First Proper Trailer, Will Have Pikachu’s Origin Story

Pokémon Sword and Shield is only two weeks away, yet there are still quite a few details surrounding it that are still unknown. Even the latest season of the anime hasn’t revealed much, aside from the return of Ash and a new protagonist traveling with him, Go, and his Scorbunny sidekick. But today, we finally got our look at the first official trailer for the anime’s latest incarnation, simply titled Pocket Monsters/Pokémon. As seen in the clip below, the latest journey will start out back in the Kanto region before heading out to all of the other regions featured in the games so far, though we do get a few non-Kanto Pokémon like Lugia. We also get a peek at the two other new characters, and Mew, whom Go wants to catch after having seen as a younger kid.

Interestingly enough, the first episode is going to be, of all things, an origin story for Ash’s Pikachu. In the original series, Pikachu was gifted to Ash as a special Pokémon, but once Pichu were introduced in Gold and Silver, it did seem odd that he was given a Pokémon that was already in its second stage of evolution. Well, now we finally get to see Pikachu as a Pichu as well, journeying around before he meets up with Professor Oak and Ash.

The only thing not made clear yet, oddly enough, has been Ash’s plot for this series, or the overall overarching plot. After the Sun and Moon anime finished recently with Ash finally winning a Pokémon League tournament, many fans were worried about a full reboot, or even the possibility of Ash leaving the series after so many years. The new series is confirmed to not be a full reboot, but has instead been referred to as a “minor reboot,” or “soft reboot,” and what that means for Ash is still unknown. Team Rocket is confirmed to be here with Wobbuffet as well, who notably didn’t joining them under over a hundred and forty episodes into the anime’s run.

The new iteration of the Pokémon is set to begin on November 17 in Japan, and more information will come in just a couple of days on November 3, so stay tuned for more.