Dandy Dungeon Preps Perky PC Release

Onion Games doesn’t seem to ever slow down.  It’s been just under a year since Black Bird came out, then Dandy Dungeon landed on Switch at the end of June, Moon tore up the Japan Switch sales chart just a couple of weeks ago, and now the PC version of Dandy Dungeon is just about ready to release.  That’s a lot of excellent gaming in a very short period of time, and that doesn’t even take into account that Dandy Dungeon 2 is coming soon.

Dandy Dungeon: The Legend of Brave Yamada is an exceptionally odd and wonderful little puzzle-RPG.  Initially released on mobile with all the paid DLC you’d expect, it turned into a full standalone title on being ported to Switch.  In it you play Yamada, a game designer who one day comes home crushed from the drudgery of his job at a big company and starts working on something for himself.  He throws off his suit, sits down at his PC, and starts banging out code while rediscovering the joy of creativity.  Yamada’s game is a dungeon crawl set on a five by five grid, and you’ll want to walk on every tile between start and finish to get the best ranking.  This means taking out every monster along the way, of course, and the game helpfully takes care of all the fighting for you.  There’s a row of spells at the bottom of the screen you can activate at any time, but otherwise Dandy Dungeon is more about the puzzle of level layout, balancing the risks of perfection against the safety of monster avoidance, than worrying about stat juggling.  For a full overview there’s a review right here, but the short version is it’s easily one of the best RPGs this year.  And now it’s almost out on PC.  The trailer below is an old one for Switch but gets the point across, so give it a look and be ready for the absolute best kind of weirdness.