Brawlhalla Adds Four WWE Superstars to the Mix

Brawlhalla has had four WWE Superstars join its ranks before, with Becky Lynch, Xavier Woods, The Rock, and John Cena in Wave 1. Now, wave two brings a mixture of legendary performers alongside modern-day stars as Asuka, Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, and “Macho Man” Randy Savage are added to the lineup.  Each comes with its own set of attacks using various weaponry. With the male superstars, they use signature icons for weapons, while Asuka uses fans. The game’s art style works remarkably well for each of them, with Asuka and Randy Savage looking perfect for it. All four characters are playable now across every version of the free to play fighter and can be unlocked with in-game currency. If you love platform fighters like Smash Bros, give it a shot – it’s very similar to those, only with a cartoon art style that offers up something completely different visually.