Worse Than Death Could Get a Sequel If ‘Sales are Good,’ Says Benjamin Rivers

Benjamin Rivers has revealed that he would “love” the opportunity to make a sequel to Worse Than Death.

The Canadian-based developer initially released the horror title on the App Store in the summer, which would be followed up with a launch on console and PC last month.

Speaking to Hardcore Gamer in an exclusive interview, Rivers would welcome a sequel to the indie title should it sell well.

“If sales are good, I would love to, of course!” he admitted.

“The engine is flexible enough that creating a new game or adding chapters would be straightforward — maybe next time we’ll do it all in hand-drawn 4K.

“That said, we consider Home and Worse Than Death to be parts one and two of our ‘small-town horror saga’ respectively.

“Even if we don’t do a direct sequel, I already know there’ll be a part three someday.”

Rivers’ latest title transports players into the role of Holly, who is returning to her hometown for her high school reunion.

And players are tasked with helping her survive against the unseen creatures hunting her down.

According to Rivers, the setting for the title was based on the developer’s “twisted version of my own hometown” and sought inspiration from “local legends and rumors.”

Worse Than Death is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam and the Humble Store.