Worse Than Death Dev Benjamin Rivers Says Next Game Will ‘Likely’ Be Horror

Worse Than Death creator Benjamin Rivers has revealed that there will be a “95 percent chance” his next project will be a horror title.

The Canadian-based developer dropped the indie horror title Worse Than Death last month on console and PC, following its release on the App Store in the summer.

Speaking to Hardcore Gamer in an exclusive interview, Rivers said he and his team were deciding between “a few potential projects” at the moment.

“I’d say there is a 95 percent chance we’ll make another horror game, and soon,” he said.

“We have a few potential projects we are deciding between right now, so I don’t exactly know what’s next, but I do know it’ll be story-driven, dark as hell and will hopefully give you nightmares.”

Rivers admitted that three 2D side-scrolling indie horror titles had an impact on Worse Than Death, mainly for how they “heavily incorporate their local cultures.”

He explained: “We are lucky that indie horror is alive and well — more so, I’d say, than big-budget horror games.

“The three indie horror games I’ve enjoyed the most have all come from Asia, in fact: Detention (Taiwan), Tokyo Dark (Japan) and The Coma: Recut (South Korea).

“They are each very different, but all three are 2D side-scrolling and heavily incorporate their local cultures.

“We took a lesson from that, which is partly why Worse Than Death is very Canadian with loads of references only Canucks will get.”

Rivers also claims that Worse Than Death could receive a sequel should it sell well on the market.

Meanwhile, the indie developer refused to rule out the possibility of two of his previous titles — Alone With You and Home — receiving Nintendo Switch ports in the future.