Planet Zoo Opens Its Gates Today

The newest game from the the minds that brought us Planet Coaster is finally here. With Planet Zoo, players have the chance to make nothing less than the ultimate zoo. One can even make the ultimate chain of zoos if that’s what they really want. With over seventy different animals available to display and care for, aspiring zoo keepers will plenty to keep themselves busy.

Planet Zoo offers players four main modes in the form of Franchise, Career, Challenge and Sandbox Mode. The Franchise and Career modes will take players around the globe, tasking them with not only successfully running a variety of zoos but also caring for the different species housed within. Challenge mode will put players skills to the test, while Sandbox mode is all about building the zoo of one’s dreams. Additionally, Planet Zoo offers online play complete with an animal market, community challenges and the ability to trade blueprints with other players.

Planet Zoo is currently available on PC via Steam.