Hooked Bundle Hits Fanatical

A new bundle has hit Fanatical with some interesting games as part of its mix. For only $4, you get Dead Secret, Songbringer, The Free Ones, Unloved, Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition, True Fear, and Sky Break. Another World is a cinematic platforming classic, while Songbringer offers up an action-centric overhead Zelda-style adventure that oozes with style. The Free Ones is a game I hadn’t heard of until this, but its premise is pretty cool. You’re a prisoner who uses a grappling gun to escape the island of refugees he’s stuck on. It looks like a first-person Bionic Commando-style platformer, sans the gunplay, and with more character interaction. Dead Secret, Unloved, and True Fear look like great games for horror fans. Sky Break has an interesting premise with an open world and a mix of third-person shooting and item-crafting being essential for survival. There’s something for everyone in this bundle, and it’s one of the most diverse Fanatical has offered in some time.